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Tatiana Maslany on Conan (April 15, 2014)






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Tatiana Maslany’s Disturbing German Fairy Tales

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fantasticallyfilipino asked: "ive heard a lot about monosexism, but is it not a thing? im hoping u dont take this the wrong way but im kinda freakin out over it"


i’ve talked about this somewhat before. 

but, no, monosexism isn’t a thing. 

biphobia is definitely a thing. imo it delineates the experiences of bi and/or pan ppl in heteronormativitiy/heterosexism.

monosexism is about as meaningful as a distinct form of oppression as binarism (every probably knows what i think of binarism — not a *distinct* form of oppression but one facet of gender-based oppression within colonialism and targeted at iaopoc)

sexuality-based oppression has but one goal: enforcing and maintaining hetero hegemony and power over society.

oppression is always about systemic and institutional power.

monosexism states that gay and lesbian ppl have *institutional* power over bi/pan ppl. which is, frankly ridiculous.

exclusion and erasure and biphobia in the few queer spaces that exist =/= institutional power (and thus, != oppression)

when gays and lesbians enact biphobia they are colluding with *heterosexism* and *not* monosexism.

the notion that there are sanctioned, legitimate sexualities is fundamentally grounded in heterosexism. so mobilizing any notion that some sexualities are illegitimate (biphobia) is to support heterosexism. 

and i’m not even talking about how i find sexuality abstracted from gender an incoherent position.

or how frankly absurd it is to state that a gay man of colour has institutional power over a white bisexual.

so on with other overlapping oppressions. 

in conclusion: monosexism isn’t a thing. 

and bi ppl invoking it are abusing the language of liberation by diluting it and misappropriating it. 



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"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird


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